Our Approach

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” — Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist.

At Kiddonia, we celebrate originality and uniqueness. Our student-driven programmes are carefully constructed to help each child identify their intrinsic potential and equip them with the suitable tools to hone and excel in their individual interests. Through our pedagogy, we strive to create an ecosystem that stimulates the development of knowledge, skills and values through exploration and discovery, while helping them achieve their critical developmental milestones.

Going beyond traditional notions of education, we retain equal emphasis on developing compassion, respect, fairness and other cornerstones of character-building, ensuring that the children become empathetic, responsible and trustworthy individuals that can thrive in the real world.

Teaching Methodology

We follow a simple but systematic and thorough methodology which ensures that children not only understand the logic of a concept but also know its impact and applications in real-world scenarios.

Ignite Curiosity: Introduce the concept in an intriguing manner to generate and hold the child’s interest.

Teach by Doing: Employ hands-on activities to illustrate the concept so that the child can grasp it better.

Forge an Understanding: Emphasise through frequent reiterations and audio-visual teaching aids so that it gets ingrained in the child’s mind.

Explore the Interpretations: Explain the diverse applications through imaginative play like stories, songs, books and games so that the child can better understand its practical implications

Beyond Bookish Knowledge: We encourage student-led learning through creativity and exploration through exposure to books as well as imaginative playtime. Special emphasis is laid on group play in the outdoor play area to help build a collaborative spirit. Our schedule provides a healthy balance of enriching indoor activities and free outdoor play, promoting the growth of curiosity and discovery in children while helping them develop crucial problem-solving skills.


Our interdisciplinary curriculum draws inspiration from the philosophies of established childhood education thinkers like Howard Gardner and Piaget. Our programmes are designed to combine the techniques of student-centred, experiential learning from the Reggio Emilia approach with the Montessori school of thought, to encourage the development of multiple intelligences and foster physical, cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and intellectual growth.

Age-appropriate Milestones: Our learning objectives are based on the child’s individual needs and capabilities. We aim to develop a strong foundation of “continual learning” through motivation and positive reinforcement, so that each child can meet and exceed their potential.

Element of Fun: We firmly believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience for each child. Lessons are built into songs, stories, games, books and play to engage their budding imagination and provide an entertaining conduit to understanding concepts in practical and real-world situations without being weighed under by the strain of “studying”.

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